Wednesday, October 13, 2010


According to the Environmental Working Group, many of those flexible plastic Halloween face masks contain PVC, a chemical shown to be very harmful to kids.  The group also suggests you stay away from the colored hair-sprays which may contain toxic chemicals children inhale.

And perhaps of most concern are Halloween face-paints.  Some may contain lead.  "In fact there was a test done last year for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and all of the face paints they tested had lead in them and lead is particularly concerning for young children because it’s a neurotoxin and can impact their brain development," says Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis with the Oregon Environmental Council.

Consider alternatives for kids like wigs instead of hairsprays, half masks instead of full,  or costumes that keep your child's face "free and clear." 

Try not to get caught up in the whole scheme to convince you to spend your hard earned dollars on store bought items.  Most of the time, girls and boys already have "dress up" clothes that you can alter slightly to make it new,creative, and exciting for them (a few safety pins, garment tape, shredded pillowcases, etc. should do the trick).  You'd be surprised what you can come up with even if you aren't the best seamstress (like me)! 

Did you know that just because the Halloween face paint at the store says "non-toxic" doesn't mean that they don't contain ingredients that are horrible for you and the environment. Some of the chemicals that can be found in store bought face paints include lead, parabens, BHA, formaldehyde, kohl and phthalates {which can disrupt the endocrine system and some are known carcinogens.} EEEEEK! NOW THAT'S SCARY! You can make your own Halloween face paint that is non toxic and organic. It will not harm you, your children or the environment.

What you will need:
* 1/2 Tsp. Organic diaper rash ointment or Organic Cold Cream
* 1 Tsp. Organic Corn Starch
* 1/2 Tsp. Water
* 1-2 drops of Organic Food Colorant


Mix all the ingredients together and apply to face with fingers or a washable sponge applicator and be sure to share this recipe with all your friends and family! 

Keep it fun, simple, and SAFE!


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